Tips & Tricks for Your Home Interior Design in Hyderabad

  1. Choose a Color Scheme for Your Interior Design

Choose three to five colours for your home that will stand out the most. If you’re undecided, choose a tone depending on the mood you want to convey with your house interior design. Use your clothes as a guidance instead, as we like to choose clothes in colours that complement our personality.

2.Select Quality over Quantity

Decorating does not have to be expensive. However, inexpensive impulse purchases can result in clutter and wear. Save up on something that will last decades rather than something that will fray in a year or two. Create a budget and a savings plan before investing on anchoring items such as a sofa, dining table, chairs, or console

3.Experiment with various home design layouts.

Experiment with different layouts. Sometimes a home needs a little furniture combination. Especially in very personal rooms such as dens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Start planning the layout of your house and adjust it until you are satisfied 

4.perfect image height

Show off your artwork by hanging it at the proper height. Ideally, the main artwork, or horizontal centerline of the gallery wall, should be about 57 inches from the floor at eye level. Measure from the mount or cord on the back of the artwork, not the top of the frame 

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5. Use light bulbs that are suitable for your home

The right light bulbs can enhance colors and create a relaxing atmosphere, but the wrong light bulbs can turn your home interior into a bare and uncomfortable space. Interior designers prefer light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs for their cost and energy efficiency, but most importantly, their unmatched color quality 

6.Plant Usage: Instant Update

Add fresh greenery to your home decor when you want a quick, easy and economical refresh. Choose evergreens like lilies and figs that are air-purifying and low-maintenance plants. Make the most of this design trick and add a beautifully decorated vase.

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